If someone passes away at home, the local Gp should be called in order to certify the death, the funeral director should be called and the arrangements to have your loved one collected from the home can be made and we can advise you further on arranging the funeral and provide clear guidance on what to consider. If death is sudden and unexpected the local Garda station should be called and informed, when they arrive they will guide you and then the funeral director can be called.
If someone passes away suddenly or unexpectedly or following an accident, the coroner’s office will carry out a post-mortem to determine the cause of death.
Yes, pre-planning funeral arrangements can ease the burden on the funeral planner when you have your requests recorded in advance in order to meet all your wishes.
No, in the majority of cemeteries in Mayo grave plots cannot be purchased until time of requirement.
Embalming is the process of sanitation and preserving the body by treating it with chemicals, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and slows down decomposition. Embalming is not required by law and is at the total discretion of the family but it is recommended when a viewing or wake is taking place over several days.
A funeral is made up of three costs, 1, the coffin, 2, the funeral directors fee, Dispurments on behalf of the family, e.g Radio, Grave Diggers, newspapers, music etc.
No, we can tailor a funeral package to suit different budgets; we will discuss all costs involved in burial or cremation with the family before we proceed.
More and more ideas have come forward over the past number of years, we have a selection of Marble or decorative urns for display in a home, burial Urns, scattering urns for the scattering of ashes, and on request we can supply an eco-urn with a tree seed which will be planted and a tree will grow over time,
No, but there are many things to factor in when having the funeral at home. Parking for people coming to pay their respects, layout of the home; is it suitable for large crowds coming? Is there adequate lighting around the house in the evening time, road safety etc. If a house is not suitable for a funeral we would recommend holding it in our funeral home, but bring the remains home afterwards to be waked at home with the family, neighbours and friends.
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